A Fresh Approach For Men Wearing Longer Layers

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: A Fresh Approach For Men Wearing Longer Layers

There are two reasons men become longhair wearers. They either do it for others, or want for themselves. Of course, your reasons could be mixed. So, consider these two scenarios, and then decide which one is more “you.”

* You wear your hair long because of fashion. You want people to think you are in certain groups, or you want to be accepted in certain circles. If long hair were to be out with such people next year, you would probably cut yours. Or you’ve decided to run with a different group that did not have long hair, you would opt for a haircut. And if a new flame didn’t like long hair, you would seriously consider cutting yours. You have long hair because you like the reactions it garners from other people.

* You are longhaired because it is part of your identity. You have likely yearned to be longhaired because you do drugs, ride a motorcycle, perhaps an artist, you’re laid back, play in a rock band, or you may want to show a rebellious appearance. You don’t have long hair to belong to any group. You have it because it is part of your identity – who you feel you yourself are. Your long hair mindset arises from within, not from others.

Humans are born with a drive to meet their identity needs first, and once that is done, to try to fit in with others. So; Men longhaired for the second set of reasons will put a higher priority on being longhaired than men in the first group. Just thinking of how people feel about other identity issues will illustrate this.

Editor’s View: To wear longer layers is your choice and here’s why. Wearing longer layers accomplished shaping with a razor and the tips of scissors will create separation & space between your hairs for lift & movement for a more loose & European style. This way of layering will save time styling and look quite masculine. This look is confident and stylishly rocks!

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