A Hair Cut That Will Compliment Your Life Style

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This Weeks Topic: A Hair Cut That Will Compliment Your Life Style

One of the greatest assets a hair Stylist will create for you is a hair cut that will look & feel great (morning, noon and at night) a shaping that will compliment your life style & fun to wear. There is a lot of time & technology that I have experienced as a good hair stylist that I always employ when developing a haircut that will lend to styling options & ease managing your hairs. Trimming your hairs every 6 weeks will keep your style fresh and easier to maintain. So… how may a new client assist me during our initial appointment for best results! Shampoo your hairs earlier in the day of the hair appointment. So I may see the hair-line that can influence the cut, cowlicks near your crown will be addressed for your best results. You may already be familiar with these patterns of resistance, shampooing the day of your app. will help your stylist understand your needs during your consultation.

Editors View: To receive a good to great haircut please bring pictures of styles you would like to wear and hair that is close in texture to your hairs. Pictures are so much better than describing and will lead to a success appointment. I prefer that my clients bring images along with verbal preferences on our interview/consultation. Listening too is an important communication tool that will address your needs & desires for a great haircut experience!

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