A Long Razored Haircut

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I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: A Graduated Textured Bob

This Weeks Topic: Monday: A Long Razored Hair Cut

Have you ever seen catwalk high-fashion models strutting down those narrow elevated platforms (and maintain their balance) and have you ever how it would feel to wear your hair the way they do, long and… sexy? Many of these models and their hairs appear to have partaken in long & crazy marathons of sexually promiscuous activities that would shallow Janice Dickinson’s plights of conquests back in her day. How do they achieve this look? The most important factor is that 90 percent of the styling that is practiced on these high fashion strutters hairs are in the cutting and shaping techniques. Texturing is accomplished towards the ends of their hairs would be key factors and how they’re created with the use of razors, scissors & texturing shears. Another prop would go to keeping their layers long and texture/shape approximately 25% and less onto the ends of the hairs with progressive techniques. When your hair is professionally shaped, you will enjoy and have fun with a desirable finish.

The long razored hair cut has many styling options, they’re simple and easy to style. For instance you may create an asymmetrical look with a French Braid on your parted side directing the weave back just behind the ear or continue into your nape and wallah. You have an asymmetry style that is hip & modern.

Next week’s topic Monday: Long Disheveled Layers for Women & Men

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