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This Weeks Topic: Monday: A Long Shattered Hair Cut

If you are, or not a fashionista but you enjoy reading about hair styling trends… you may have spotted a term noted in your media “shattered layers” and that may relate to your hair. You’re thinking, what are shattered layers and how would this term apply for me? Good question! So let’s follow up with another question.. Would your hair be thick, straight, fine, wavy, course or, you’d like to trade in your limp or heaviness for, tapered & defined layers with fluid movement you have seen & liked very much on catwalk models you’ve seen wearing that look you so desire? Here is how “that look” is attained. With one of the following, or combination of techniques and the tools that are used and crafted into the hair styles of today! We are going to carve-out weight from your tresses mass (fine hair included) for greater space & air inside your hairs that will produce those invisible layers through at the hairs ends! Some of the tools that are exclusively used by a qualified professional: texturing shears, traditional scissors, a straight edged razor for tipping and utilizing different edges of the blade to shape your hair so you will achieve with ease that edgy styling! Perks offered, increasing styling options. Partings on either side including styling towards or off your face that will certainly complement & personalize your best features no matter the style you coif!

The Editor’s View: A Long Shattered Hair Style is created with extended lines that are etched for definition for no-fuss styling and option a mod, disheveled decadence or formal black & white affair.

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