A Shattered Layer Bob | October 11, 2021

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks Monday Blog October 4th 2021 : A Textured Shoulder Length Hair Cut ~ 
This Weeks Posting: Fred Stepkin Monday Blog October 11th 2021: A Shattered Layer Bob
Recent History: My cut & style above is shaped with the tips of scissors & razor. I slice into the density or hair’s volume which frees up the wearer’s haircut to reveal movement, definition & edginess. I have implemented the former techniques to deliver a fun appearance & easy to wear benefits, I will make sure of the latter by showing you a best way of finishing your styled look. If you are looking to sharpen this style’s look and you have battled with your wavy or course hair, I will show you how to tame your hair utilizing a large round brush to refine your hair taking a few horizontal sections when your hair is 50% dry, next and final step would be to employ a flat-iron and again a few horizontal sections for your polished look easier than you’d think. Total time for a good finish will average 12 minutes once or twice per week, on days you do not shampoo your hair the finish time will be less than half previously by utilizing the blower on medium heat also on shampoo days, flat iron altogether under 5 minutes on off days. I would be pleased to demonstrate for you.
Editor’s view: I love this cut because it has the possibility to wash & wear, looking sexy, new and edgy, and it compliments today’s soft fabric clothes, dresses, suits with Autumn colors & swag that this hair style’s longer tresses reveal and will light up a dance floor for you salsa & combo steppers!
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