A Short Feminine Haircut

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: A Short Feminine Hair Cut

French hair designers liberated women’s hair styles over 5 decades ago. Sheared & short haircuts a la “Twiggy” were feminine, sexy and low maintenance! The short feminine cuts are (at the time of the Beatles & Rolling Stones reign) show-casing today’s styling trends! The mod-like and fun shapes were inspired by the youths liberating movement during the 1960s. French hair stylists at the time were excuting these short cuts with a straight-edge razor. The motivating factor in cutting with a razor was that the ends of the cut hairs were sliced at an angle as they are today for that soft & fluid movement. This manner of shaping hairs revolutionized a more feminine approach towards short cuts for women. My first experience using a razor began in 1979 styling for Jean Louis David International at Henri Bendels formally at 10 West 57th Street. Jean Louis David trained and mentored me with his philosophy & hairstyles (fun to learn and even more fun to shape) from Paris he would dictate & teach to us at our location 3 – 4 visits annually. Today the technology using the razor has progressed utilizing varied parts & surfaces of the razor.

Editor’s View: A shortly chic hair style that is cut & shaped to perfection will enhance your best beautiful features to you and your onlookers as the fashion statement that you are. Confidence will zoom from all the compliments you’ll receive. Your best features will be highlighted and defined by the etched lines that I will highlight for you. I am best at articulating ones finest points with the tips of my shears and at times strategically tipped with a razor for ultimate results for my clients and models alike.

Next Week’s Topic: Monday: A Versatile Hair Cut Is Best And Why

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