A Textured Shoulder Length Hair Cut | October 4th, 2021

This Weeks : Fred Stepkin Monday Blog October 4th 2021: A Textured Shoulder Length Hair Cut
The cutting method I apply to this shoulder length hair cut is in my description a long layered shag. The difference is in how I terminate the longer layers for greater sway & free style. For instance a beach like appeal of the sea’s salt adding texture onto shafts of your hairs. The upside as you may have experienced spending a day at the beach, more body and bounce to your hair. In order to repeat this sexy style on your own without the Ocean or Sea, here are my tips for this look. No.1 schedule a h/c with me, No. 2 a pinch of product hair clay that is water soluble & light texture, suitable for all hair types, apply to your wet-damp hair with a large tooth comb then scrunch the mid-lengths of your hair with your hands, tilt your upper body in a downward position, shake your hair then let dry for greater body… wallah!
Recent History: The textured shoulder length hair cut is shaped to wear in an antigravity styled presentation. Following expression that you may have read in previous blogs… “lots of movement” defines a manner of freeing up long layers that exude from a series of uneven layering I have manufactured for the purpose of flow and for more direction with minimum effort bye a tilt or slight turn of her head, your hair will flow.
Editor’s view: If you have long course hair or if your hair exhibits wave to wavy, you would be an excellent candidate for this cut. It is easy to wear or style, basically you would enjoy this rock & roll cut with low maintenance and if you’d like more shine, a dab of pomade post shampoo and comb lightly through you will love it!
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