Add Natural Shine To Dull Hairs

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This Weeks Subject: Monday: Add Natural Shine to Dull Hair

If you’re looking to increase shine and healthier manageability with a natural and safe product that may be in one of your kitchen cabinets, check this out! Coconut Oil is a miracle food product not only for your inner body’s needs but helpful indeed for your outer body too! Equally beneficial for your hair and skin. Let us address your hairs needs right now! After you’ve shampooed your hair, towel blot your hair lightly as to not disturb and agitate the cuticles (the tiny scales that cover your hair shafts). One of the best practices to try post shampooing would be to utilize a cool rinse. It is the cool temperature that helps close the little scales (and when they’re closed the hair will appear shiny.) Upon towel blotting your hairs. Take your comb and stroke it through your hairs a few times, this too will help close those cuticles. Next and the final step is to apply a tiny bit of coconut oil (onto wet hands & less is better or you’ll have an oily look) while your hairs are semi wet then comb lightly. This will ensure closure of the hair’s cuticles or scales. You may then proceed to style dry naturally or power-dry when your hairs are 60% dry. Wallah… your hairstyle will exude with bounce and a polished look.

Editor’s Note: Apply a stingy amount of product onto the palm of a wet hand and adjoin your off hand to lessen the coconut oil, this technique will bring out the right amount of shine and bounce your hairs so that your fashionable haircut shall wear perfectly on a warm day.

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