An Edgy Inverted Bob

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Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: A Star’s Secret Styling Her Pixie

This Weeks Report: Monday: An Edgy Inverted Bob

There are some women’s hairstyles that become more fascinating as their design evolves. Multiple variations are born out of perfect one-lengths under-cuts to geometric Bobs shapes. Currently, the perfect “bob” haircut demands the spotlight; it can be seen anywhere, from urban streets, Museums, night-clubbing even to political representatives, art & music schools. Pictures of inverted bob haircuts are drawing the utmost attention due to their multi-dimensional shapes and textured movement. Next weeks report is on the “Short Inverted Bob”

Editor’s View: Describing an inverted bob: The layering is cut at 90* from the head at the parting. Each layer is progressively longer on either side of the parting creating an inversion. This technique will enhance volume from top to mid-length hairs. The shaping will add more dimension & interest to a stylized cut.

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