As Winter Wanes Let’s Sharpen a New Cut & Style For Spring!

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog February 21st 2022 : Great Haircuts Manhattan NYC Times Square Vicinity in Hells Kitchen 
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog February 28th 2022 : As Winter Wanes Let’s Sharpen a New Cut & Style For Spring! – It is fun and rewarding to cut edgy hair styles in Hells Kitchen and rubbing noses with Times Square in proximity. This fun vicinity continues to inspire my hair cutting techniques you may have seen in the gallery.
Recent History: This sweet blend of disorganized layers & texturing on our model’s perimeter hair ends add greater movement for her cutting-edge style. The fringe or bangs you see are executed with a precise cutting technique that contrasts her longer dissheveled hairs. This is a shoulder length bob with disorganized textured layering.
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