Asymmetrical Haircut, Fun & Edgy

Hope you enjoyed last weeks discussion: A Hair Cut that Will Compliment your Life Style!

This Weeks Topic: Asymmetry Hair Cut, Fun & Edgy

Let’s begin by stating how asymmetry will complement & transform your features.

You may have noticed looking in the mirror how each side of your face opposes the other? Your eyes, nose, cheekbones, ears and so on…. These personal features are what sets all of us apart. A celebration to our unique qualities and ones that may attract the right relationships whether in career or in our personal lives. Here’s a way to compliment our uniqueness. By shaping & cutting our hairs with off-centered lines will highlight our off-centered features and to suit our hair type. If you’re game I have an assignment for you starting now. Check out the internet for current asymmetrical hair styles. Look at how some of the aforementioned cuts flatter the models faces. Record the photos you like best and schedule a consultation with a hair stylist. Gather as much information as you can and if you’re paying a fee for your appointment, please do your homework for best results! The most interesting, beautiful and advanced hair shaping styles have some asymmetry! No question about their inherent cutting edge technology and how they’ll make your beautiful features stand out! This type of hair shaping will add a new dimension to your outlook! As a sample you will enjoy some jagged layers darting into some features around your face and they’ll be versatile enough for tucking behind one or both ears. This will add freshness to your your styling outlook! An excellent stylist will create a series of uneven layering that will flatter all of your features!

Editors View: An asymmetrical style will complement all of your attractive facial features because our faces are all unique and that each side of our faces are not the same. A new and beautiful asymmetry haircut will look and feel personalized and creative for you. Another perk with this shaping is styling versatility, each day you may alter the look. You’ll have fun surprising friends & colleagues with your new & coifed style! An Asymmetrical style will complement your unique & beautiful features!

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An Asymmetrical Hair Cut will complement your beautiful & unique features!


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