Benefits Having Your Haircut Designed In A Private Setting 

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This Weeks Posting: Fred Stepkin Monday Blog October 25th 2021: Benefits Having Your Haircut Designed In A Private Setting
The moment You arrive here due enjoy a comfortable setting and you may remove your shoes if you’d like. My earlier days I’ve cut hair for high-end fashion salons in NYC and the later was a stress reducer for our clients. I have learned quite a lot from past managers running a successful space. For I to maintain a low anxiety atmosphere is critical for a Your  haircut experience. A major wheel for success is when we initially meet. To help break the ice I offer a hair consultation and your time is on me! Once more we will communicate the best haircut that will suit you most! I have an assortment of cutting-edge pictures for access, feel free to include your collection of cuts too if you’d like.
Recent History: I have been maintaining a disinfected work environment for everyone’s security since March of 2020 that I will continue in practice. During the COVID period I have been fully vaccinated and I expect to receive a booster shot early next month, November 2021.
Editor’s view: Let us vaccinate and help to be a solution eliminating this disease and return to a norm we have been privileged knowing.
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