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This Weeks Report: Monday: Chopped & Sliced Hairs

When it comes to hair what goes around come around. Case and point razored hair and choppy hairstyle. In the past Britney Spears long blonde locks had the chopped look in her Las Vagas/HBO show, while Madonna’s razored hair look took advantage of her natural waves and gave her hair a soft romantic look, Britney’s heavily razored lengths gave her long hair a very sexy and playful look.

“Right now the trend in hair is choppy with no straight lines.” Hair that has been fractured with a specific razor or scissor technique where just the right amount of weight is removed. It’s rough, it’s edgy, it’s shredded! This old technique-turned new is great for women or men, short hair or long. It’s street wise and straight up.

Almost as hot as the choppy look, is layered color that takes advantage of the shredded layers. Britney and Madonna both had dark undertones to their blonde tresses which were played up by the heavily textured finish.

So what is all the buzz about? Quite simply it is the hot new hair look that is created with a very sharp blade. While it may seem odd that your stylist can achieve a hot new trend with a razor blade, this is exactly the rage in salons around the world.

What can a razor do that scissors can’t? By gently slicing through the hair, a straight three inch blade adds texture and movement to a selected style. Razoring is a completely different technique from using scissors (which can have similar effects of slicing with the scissor blades partially closed and scooping into a section of hair) and with less effort for an entire cut.

Razoring is a type of tapering except without the scissors. A razor is used to reduce any unwanted bulkiness and is most often performed on wet hair for manageability and ease. A razor cut helps the ends of the hair to blend together well so there is never that “I’ve just got a new haircut” look.

A razor will allow a stylist to remove hair bulk in a planned calculated way to give your look that can not be duplicated. Ironically a razor style appears to add volume while at the same time it removes hair. Huh? Without getting into logistics, razored strands are “stacked” so that shorted strands support long ones. Yes, it is a paradox but it is also part of the great appeal of using a razor.

The Editor’s view: When I revisit a classic hair style, I am inspired to add more fun layering with today’s shaping tools and new techniques. The styles from the 1960s are fun and free and the way were worn back in the day! They will move and feel great on girls & gentlemen of all ages.

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