Create Movement and Lightness To Your One-Length-Haircut

Welcome to Fred Stepkin’s weekly blog. I hope you enjoyed last weeks discussion: It May Be Time For An Excellent Hair Consultation

This Weeks Topic: Create Movement And Lightness To Your One-Length-Hair-Cut

One length cuts (meaning, no layering) are versatile to wear. One length cuts have a clean elegant silhouette and are classic. So whether you’re contemplating to wear the aforementioned style, straight to wavy texture is the preference. One of the benefits of this classic style you don’t need lots of body so no deep breathe if your hair is straight and fine. Todays hair styles are not showcasing lushness or volume from 15, 20 years ago. The styles today are illustrating lots of movement and feathery lightness that the models are liking and flirting with on catwalks. Lots of movement and tapered ends to the hair, play-up a more sheared tapered appeal expressed in today’s high fashion! Cutting & shaping is key for that liberating coif. If you have baby fine hair or your hair does not have body that you wished you had… no worries because, you have the right stuff for todays fashionista! To receive this liberating & fun cut it is accomplished with scissoring techniques and utilizing a razor for a more diluted effect, or the razor can be utilized to establish a softer perimeter line. To remove weight from your hair will greater movement and definition. Some of the shaping techniques are called channeling,point-cutting (done with the tips of the scissors as demonstrated in my haircut video at slide cutting & tipping to create modern lines in these styles.  Editor’s view: I love cutting a multitude of uneven long layers to add lift & to create extra movement for one length or blunt cuts that are below the chin to shoulders depending on your preferences. The textured layers of today compliments today’s cutting edge clothing fashions & styles!  Next Week’s Topic: Monday – Update Your Shoulder Length Hair Style Ask about our 11% Discount TODAY with all hair cuts, when you call please ask for promo code: 15 Thank you for visiting!


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