Cutting Your Own Fringe With An Infinite Line

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Last weeks discussion Monday: Cutting Your Own Bangs For A Round Designer Line

This Weeks Topic Monday: Cutting Your Own Fringe With An Infinite Line

If you’ve never cut your hair, here’s a fun way to begin. Let’s start with an area of your hair that is most assessable… your fringe, especially if you wear bangs. As any fringe wearer knows that this seems to grow the fastest. Depending on the length you desire will require trimming every 3 – 4 weeks. It may be difficult to see your hair stylist on this kind of schedule. Here’s a great way for anyone to learn how trim in between hair appointments! There are many ways to cut fringe. Let’s start with a classic bang across your forehead. Length is optional. Begin with a center parting on dry hair. From your hairline at forehead measure where you’d like to start your sectioning (the further back you go, will require more hairs from the top and subtract hairs at your front sides.) Once you establish or to follow what is already established by your hair stylist, take 2 diagonal partings off of your center parting to extend to your left & right recessions. Congratulations, you have a triangle section that is isolated from the rest of your hair. The safest way to cut your fringe would be to sub-section horizontally across your forehead with 1/4″ thick sections. Comb the hairs forward to app. the bridge of your nose with (hairs still in the comb, use the comb as a ruler and cut hair along the edge of comb.) Use a long comb & utilize the wider teeth (as they’ll gather your hair with a looser tension). Keep the line square across your eyes (remember to choose the length you desire) for rounded bangs, or continue a line across into the sides of your forehead with a comb for a Patty Page naughty like style. Then proceed with your remaining sub-sections & follow the template you have created.

The Editor’s View: Learning how to cut your fringe sounds scary especially if you’re not experienced. The steps provided here are incremental and they’ll work upon my instructions. All it will take is patience and it will be a fun adventure. The worse that may occur is unevenness. In time you will master this technique with practice.

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