Femme’ British Punk Rock Hair Cuts in Hells Kitchen

May you have enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog March 7th 2022 : Liven’ Up Your Winter With A British Punk Rock Hair Cut 
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog March 14th 2022 : Femme’ British Punk Rock Hair Cuts in Hells Kitchen – Fun sexy, beautifully shaped Women’s British Punk Rock Haircutting designed by Fred Stepkin of Hells Kitchen NYC. Manhattan Nightlife haircuts are styled with cutting edge technology! Fun to dress up for Black Tie or Rock & Roll events!
Recent History: British Punk Rock Cuts are choppy and adhere to a radical venue especially for Girls & Female Professionals. The hair is cut without as it appears zero discipline, yet it is created with an uncanny manner of balance & movement. It exudes with a series of uneven layering that enhances altering movement with jagged tips for threatening drama. The aforementioned haircut can be subdued for professional duties. I’d be pleased to show you easily how.
Editor’s view: When hair is cut or shaped well it will make an artistic statement of who you are, you will have fun! My highest priority for you while I’m shaping your hair is how it’ll flow and feel as it grows for enjoyable  wear. I take pleasure in listening to the needs of my clients and our consultation is an extremely important step for receiving high quality results. You may touch base at  the following links.  fredstepkin.com  fredstepkin@gmail.com Or call below!
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