For Best Results this Season, Wear an Up-Do or Cut Your Hair Short

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: For Best Results this Season, Wear an Up-Do or Cut Your Hair Short

To kick things off, leaving a lasting impression should never be underestimated. Especially with those who count greatly in your personal life or profession. With a goal that “will” show your brightest side. You may ask… how do I make a winning impression? If your goal is to accentuate your best features and your hair is long, this is a perfect time to make a hair appointment with your stylist or a great opportunity to work with a new stylist to you how to Up-Do your hair. If you’d like a challenge try putting up your tresses with a little back-combing then twist, bun up for a stylish presentation) like a French Twist or a Chignon. Another option is if you’re looking for something more exciting & liberating ask your stylist about cutting your hair short or shorter for a more polished look and listen to their opinion on how they would construct and shape an appealing coiffed style for you. Your effort to modernize your styling will show you’re willingness to invest in a new and fresh style that shows and highlights your self-confidence! This is a wonderful time to make new friends and influence with a winning approach.

The Editor’s View: Wearing your hairs back will lift your features in a complimentary fashion. You will bring more attention to your cheekbones and more shape and attention to those unique features that you must show. Your eyes will pop even more when your hairs are either styled away or cut & shaped short to introduce your facial hotspots. Another way that is extremely flattering is for I to cut your hairs to emphasize your dazzling and beautiful features!

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