How to Communicate Successfully for The Haircut You Want!

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This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog January 9th 2023 How to Communicate Successfully for The Haircut You Want! – Fred Stepkin Cutting-Edge Hair Design is located mid-town Manhattan vicinity of Columbus Circle & Times Square, 300 West 55th Street. Haircuts for Femme’s & Gentlemen of all ages, specializing in cutting-edge.
Recent History: The model’s hair style was cut utilizing scissor’s tips and etching with a razor for this detailed cutting edge presentation. Our model loved how easily her new haircut fell into place either with a blower or allowing her hair to style naturally. This new haircut has a polished look for her profession and it will model a jagged appeal for New York City’s nightly functions! She loves how her hair moves & swings when she’s on her way to someplace!
Editor’s view: Our model’s haircut will finish beautifully for her day-time profession and alas’ a jagged appeal for our City’s night life! When you have a consultation on what will look best for you, it may be a 2 way street, my suggestion would be gather pictures of cuts you’d like. And perhaps your stylist can assist you with suggestions relating to cutting angles that will enhance your best features and will complement your hair’s texture too.
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