It May Be Time For An Excellent Hair Consultation?

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I hope you enjoyed last weeks discussion Monday: Asymmetry Hair Cut, Fun & Edgy

This Weeks Topic Monday: It May Be Time For An Excellent Hair Consultation?

If you change your hair style once or twice per year or you don’t and you’re contemplating a change then read below.

It takes courage to change a hair style that had rewarded you with compliments. But when praises begin to wane and you’ve had this style for a while it may be time to consult with your hair stylist and hear their thoughts and suggestions. It will be worth your time. A very good hair stylist will accommodate your search for your new style as he or she knows you and their familiar with your hairs texture and styling habits. In-lieu of setting an appointment for your consultation, it will behove you to search on the internet and begin selecting styles whose hairs are a close match to yours and you may try to choose models whose face shapes are similar too. Your assignment may also help you to receive what you didn’t know you wanted, if this makes sense. Another words, good practice to ask questions and to give some input… is this going to be a high maintenance style, is this age appropriate (btw: age appropriate to me is nonsense) it is how we perceive ourselves or how we feel and want to look that is important! We all want to look younger, a realistic way to pursue s more youthful appearance is to change our hair style once or twice a year. There is no average span in changing hairstyles but your stylist can change the line in your cut once or twice per year to maintain a newer appearance.

Editor’s View: This is the Time for an Asymmetrical Hair Cut, this style is new, edgy and it is easy to style. An asymmetrical shaping will make you feel striking and new with this refreshing cut, it will complement your beauty and unique features!

Next Week’s Topic: Monday Create Movement & Lightness to Your One-Length-Hair-Cut

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