Long Disheveled Layers for Women & Men

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I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: A Long Razored Hair Cut

This Weeks Topic: Monday: Long Disheveled Layers for Women & Men

The idea; Hair that has a series of sculpted grunge-like patterns conflicting with each other or, hair that shows you’ve had a fun night! When hair is textured, it will offer universal ways to wear or style. Because the last third of the hairs ends are designed to have that modern movement. The hair shaping tools included are precision scissors, sculpting shears and a sharp razor. Each tool provides it’s own advantage for todays multidimensional layering techniques. Though British punk-rock bands wear these graphic styles with a twist, these rad styles are not isolated to any genre. Let it be known that I receive many requests from graphic artists to creative advertising directors and school teachers too.

It is great to change your hair style. I promise you’ll feel refreshed & great! It may seem challenging at first, if you’ve never styled your hair before. But with practice, practice & practice at least a few times a week you get this memory built into your hands. You will own this disheveled look in time! Or for a more disheveled finish try a small area near your side parting this work best on wavy – curly hairs for a more sculpted look. If you work for a conservative company and you have straight shoulder length hair, no fears… you may style a loosely based French Twist. Begin this style with back-combing first as your foundation with a fine toothed comb (tease not too tight) for your foundation, then begin & hold the mass of hairs you’ve backcombed and begin a twisting motion you’ll need some hair pins and barbie pins to keep the hairs in place. Wallah! You have a style that is dressy and yet disheveled. Appropriate for the office!

Next week’s topic Monday: Natural Hair Treatment for Gorgeous Strands

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