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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Long Hair for Women

If you’re a woman with longish hair and you do not style your hair (due to your limited time), I challenge you to style your hair in a short period of time, especially if you’re getting ready for work and possibly looking for a love match. No excuses please as this will not take away your valuable time. If you experienced some of the benefits (you look great, different more dressy and I love your asymmetry style) when you’re pinning one side of your hair back with a barrette or a decorative comb. These dressy ornaments will do wonders and they’ll take less than 90 seconds to insert and in most cases under 1 minute to anchor onto your hair. If your hair is straight, you can learn how to spiral curl your hair and quickly too where you do not need to spend lots of time with lots of sectioning your hair. Three – 6 sections on either side is all you need to dress style your hair. If your hair is straight and you’d like greater shine and movement… you’ll enjoy the benefits of a porcelain finished flat iron and this tool is even easier and faster to use. If you have wavy or curly hair you can utilize a glazing product & apply onto your wet hair, comb thoroughly through your hair and position with your hands the direction you’d like for it to dry. Your wavy – curly hair will glisten during the day and the evening lights, your hair will glow!

Editor’s Note: Wearing longer hairs/layers will offer the fashionista greater selections for style and will offer choices for rich classic up-do’s, chignons to a funkadelic night out! Having options will present you with a more successful appearance.

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