Modernizing The Classic Bob

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Modernizing The Classic Bob

The Classic Bob cut is designed with tight and clean lines (fringe is optional) to complement anyones features. Our industry’s latest version of this classic beauty has been reworked & modernized for runway models on today’s Catwalks. Let’s discuss how this style’s been updated. Checkout the perimeter lines (forehead fringe & perimeter line). These lines are basically strong & defined. With today’s modern version the same lines have been textured and refined using scissors, texturing shears & straight edge razor for varied techniques. Designed to sculpt excess weight from the hair’s ends approximately one quarter – one third. The texturing will add greater movement and a sleek beautiful shape. The wearer will experience versatility for styling and will love her clean and tapered ines. Another wonderful benefit is comfortability (especially during the warmer months).

Editor’s view: Modernizing The Classic Bob Is a big hit for the Fashionista. The lines featured in this updated & fun cut are soft, yet etched & sliced strategically with the points of scissors and or the tips of the razor. Fun and exciting movement for mostly thick, course straight hairs, hairs with wave!

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