Monday Blog January 10th 2022 : Are You Looking For A Fun & Edgy Haircut? 

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog January 3rd 2022 : A Fresh New Haircut for Women’s Shoulder Length & Beyond ~ 
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog January 10th 2022 : Are You Looking For A Fun & Edgy Haircut?
The haircut you see here is cut with the tips of scissors & tipped with a straight-edge-razor that gives this look greater definition and a fun shape for our time.
Recent History: An Edgy haircut with high-definition is fashionably new and fun! A fresh new style will look and feel great as it will frame & pronounce your best facial features! My haircutting is a perfect complement for the fabrics of today’s clothing styles beautifully! The messy hair appeal I’ve designed utilizing textured layering will move your hair effortlessly.
Editor’s view: My cutting shapes will allow more styling possibilities today for our fashionista’s. Great haircuts will reflect a futuristic period that will compliment your lifestyle today.
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