Natural Hair Treatment For Gorgeous Strands

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I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Long Disheveled Layers for Women & Men

This Weeks Topic: Monday: Natural Hair Treatment for Gorgeous Strands

Coconut oil is a desert island product for curly hair. This all-natural wonder ingredient, unlike most oils, penetrates deep into the hair shaft, rather than sitting on the surface. It is great for all hair types, but especially chemically-damaged and curly hair because it helps heal protein loss and makes the hair stronger over time. Using coconut oil on your hair regularly can also help increase the shine, softness, and manageability while decreasing frizz, dandruff, and hair loss. Convinced yet? Here’s how to add coconut oil to your routine.

Next week’s topic Monday: Condition Your Waves & Curls Using Powerful Foods

Editor’s View: The natural use of coconut oil has been practiced throughout the tropical islands for a very long time. The

evidence is the gorgeous strands it produces when utilized. It works miracles on all types of Hairs. Whether using for hair conditioning or utilizing a stingy amount for leave in styling.

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