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Hairdresser for Trendy Hairstyles and Fashion Haircuts in New York City

When it comes to haircuts, not all services are created equal. You might end up spending a huge chunk of change on a hairstyle and end up feeling short-changed, not to mention uncomfortable in your skin. At the same rate, you could find a great haircut for a song, saving you money and leaving you feeling like you look like a million bucks.

No matter what style you’re looking for, I can help. As a native of New York, I have over five decades of experience in the high fashion haircutting industry. After a careful evaluation before I get started, I’ll make sure you leave this experience knowing you’ve just gotten a haircut from one of the best hair stylists in New York City.

Men’s Haircut and Professional Styling in NYC

It’s a common misconception to assume that men’s haircuts are easy to complete to satisfaction. It’s fair for men to have high expectations and no short number of requirements for their haircuts. I specialize in Men’s Professional Hairstyling in NYC and will not stop until you are 100% satisfied.

Women’s Haircuts and Professional Styling in NYC

I have a lot of experience with Women’s Haircuts and Professional Hairstyling in NYC as well. No matter what style of cut you need, I’m here to help and aim to achieve the result you’re looking for. My clients always know that they’re working with an experienced and accomplished hairdresser in New York City, a cultural Mecca when it comes to fashion and style.

Children & Teen Haircuts and Styling in NYC

If your child gets a bad haircut, you’ll never hear the end of it. I’m here to help you avoid this. I also specialize in children & teen haircuts and styling in NYC, and I’ll make sure your child or teen feels comfortable in my chair, not to mention provide them with a haircut that makes them feel like a movie star.

Why Choose Hairstylist Fred Stepkin?

The way I set myself apart from my competitors is by carefully evaluating your features, hair texture, personality, and age before I begin to suggest more than a few suitable options that might be right for you. The options I typically suggest a range from edgy to updated classic, but I can also incorporate fun retro styles.

Men’s & Women’s Fashion Haircuts in New York City by Fred Stepkin
Children's Fashion Haircuts in New York City by Fred Stepkin
haircuts in new york city

My passion and ultimate goal is to design and deliver great-looking haircuts for my clients of all ages to enjoy! To achieve this goal, I implement different types of scissors, razors, and hair clippers together with advanced hair cutting techniques.

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