Part 2 History of the Mullet

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Part 2 History of The Mullet

The Combination (2009) showcased the mullet hairstyle, which was popular among the Lebanese youth in Australia, in the mid-late 2000s.

Vocalist Wesley Willis wrote and released the track “Cut the Mullet” in 1998, and frequently performed it at live shows.

The German punk rock band Die Arzte’s album “Le Frisur”, in which every song is about hair, includes the song Vokuhila Superstar (Acronym “Vo[rne] ku[rz,] hi[nten] la[ng]” = “Short in the front, long in the back” is German for “mullet”). Sanjay Duff also wore a mullet in the 90s. In Canada, the mullet used to be referred to as a “hockey cut”.


The mullet and its associated lifestyle have been central themes in movies such as Joe Dirt “business in the front, party in the back” (2001), and the television show The Mullets (2003–2004). Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy sang about the mullet in “The Phantom Mullet,” a song off of their 2000 album All the Hype That Money Can Buy, referencing Billy Ray Cyrus and REO in the lyrics. The 2001 film American Mullet documents the phenomenon of the mullet hairstyle and the people who wear it.

Indie rock duo Tegan and Sara sported mullets during their The Con album era. Tom O’Neill, famed hair stylist and underwriting thief, was also known to sport the mullet hairstyle in the early 2010s.

In between 2006 and 2008, the mullet was in fashion among young Middle Eastern youth in Australia, namely individuals of Lebanese descent. The fashion trend quickly waned by late 2009. This was the type of a mullet which had a crew cut at the front, top and sides, and long hair at the back.

In the United States of the 1980s, the mullet became popular within lesbian culture, where it came to be used as a way of identifying oneself as a member of that culture in public.

Editor’s View: That was a long winded lesson on “The Mullet’s” history. I hope you enjoyed all the trivia. I had no idea how far back in time this style was designed and I certainly had a history session researching our topic.

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