Part 3 Ten Super Foods for Hair & Skin

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Part 3 Ten Super Foods for Hair & Skin!

The top ten super foods for Hair & Skin were ranked by Fitness Magazine.

Hair & skin are amongst 2 of the many benefactors you will receive enjoying these delicious foods daily! If one of your goals are to add exercise to your lifestyle this year, the top foods listed here will help increase your energy and support your muscle recovery working out! In the next 3 weeks we’ll cover this week three of these ten food groups and their benefits for you.

Dark Chocolate: I won’t judge you if you keep a secret stash of chocolate in your purse or desk (or both). In fact it would be a good start if you do, especially if you’re willing to share. Dark chocolate helps skin stay hydrated and protects skin from sun damage, and contrary to belief, chocolate does not cause acne. Before you make a mad dash to Godiva or your favorite brand keep in mind that the best kind of chocolate has a high flavanol and should be at least 60 percent of cacao.

Yogurt: One cup of low-fat yogurt has more calcium than a cup of fat-free milk, which is great for your posture, nails and teeth. Mix it with fruit or granola for a heaLthy breakfast or that essential mid-afternoon snack.

Sweet Potatoes: You should be eating this super food more often than at just Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene. An antioxidant that fights aging. Hate them mashed? Try them cut up and roasted with herbs or onions for an easy awesome side.

A great time of year to for positive action with positive results for your hair and your body!

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