Shag Haircut for Men

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This Weeks Subject: Monday: The Shag Hair Cut for Men

The Mens Shag has been around since Keith Richards flaunted this signature style 1965 and rockin’ it at the Palladium, NYC. The Shag has had major redux since the rebellious days & times of the sixties!

The basis of shag haircuts (masculine or feminine) are long with varied layers & lengths. Today’s modern versions are shaggy-textured with a multitude of layers and some with choppy ends. Shag haircuts never look the same as one another (do to a variety of hair textures & growth patterns that distinguishes the individual). A well cut shag will complement your face and your lifestyle. When cutting & shaping this style there are countless options to style with. How your stylist works through the ends of your hair will determine to a great extent the final result and success will show in your hair. One of the ways to style would be to add a tiny bit of product say (Creative Genius) by Toni & Guy onto damp hair, comb throughly than manipulate the way you’d like your hair to dry and let it dry. When your hair dries, crunch your hair (do not run your hands through your hair, as it may create frizz) keep on crunching and wallah!

Editor’s view: The Shag for men has many styling options from black/tie – rockin’ British punk-rock!

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