Shorty Hair Cuts On Women

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I Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Long Hair for Women

This Weeks Topic: Monday: Shorty Hair Cuts On Women

Short hair cuts when shaped right is the fashionista’s dream! It will enhance all of her beautiful features! Of course long haired styles are alluring and I am not suggesting to cut all of your hair off. “But when a pixie-hair-style is cut and shaped, it will boldly pick up her fine bone structure and will show her subtle yet beautiful features that may have been lost with long hair or past hair styles. If she has a strong profile, that can be softened and complimented with shorter layers on top that can be designed with a soft focus and texturing to enhance movement as she turns her head sexily! When the sides of the short styled haircut are designed with longer/sleeker lengths that are textured (with scissors or razor) sliced & shattered so she can tuck the hairs behind her ears or ruffle the same hairs in front of her ears to maintain a fresh look!

Styling the shorty haircuts with multi-lengths will offer the fashionista many fun options! Black/Tie to British Pop Rock! The magic word for your night out, fun *<*

Next week’s topic Monday: History of the Mullet

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