The Importance Of Selecting The Right Hair Stylist

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Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday August 5th 2019: Reality Of Short Hair Cuts On The Fashionista

This Weeks Topic: Monday August 12th 2019: The Importance Of Selecting The Right Hair Stylist

As a hairstylist I have observed and worked with many hair stylists that were well trained like myself in this wonderful profession. Just like any other specialist we have received our experience and status by practicing the art of hair shaping. In cutting so many types of hairstyles on so many different people that instinctively we know the type of haircut that will work best on your hairs texture and to help your hairs & your features look their best!

In knowing how to obtain the results is very important because there are a variety of hair cutting techniques, meant to obtain different results. Some cutting techniques might work for some and might not work for others, and when it comes to your hairs, knowledge and experience will help to enter the best cut & style for you.

Celebrities always turn to the help of the best hairstylists to get their hairs cut and styled. They rely on the hairstylists skill and abilities to make the right choice for the fashionista, whom ever it is. A good hairstylists knows all the new trends and what still works from past trend successes, in order to always be at the top of his or her game.

Choosing the right hairstylist can be a daunting task. My advice if you’d like would be to request a consultation if you’re going to a new salon or shop. I prefer giving a hair consult when I first meet someone to familiarize myself with their textured hairs, scalp & hairline growth patterns so that there are no hidden surprises. The extra time a stylist gives to you will make a gratifying difference. A stylists that makes the investment in time to help assist you will show a generous & caring approach. This is the type of person who’ll give you their best and that will build a trusting relationship and longevity. Once you receive your hair cut by him or her, immediately you will never want to get your hair cut or styled anyone else. Your hairs are a high priority so make sure they get the best shape & treatment you can afford.

Editor’s View: Finding a good hair stylist does not have to be a difficult task. Make sure he for she is a good listener and is willing to follow your preferences. Trial, error, experience and perception will be your guides. You’ll know when your search is over after your hair is cut right and the compliments will arrive and your comfort level with your hair stylist will too.

Stay tuned to next week’s topic Monday August 19th 2019: The Right Haircut for a Heart-Shaped Face

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