The Right Hair Cut For A New Season

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This Weeks Subject: Monday: The Right Hair Cut For A New Season

When a new person or client (who’s looking to change their hair style) arrives to see me, the first service I provide for them is a consultation. What kind of shaping and styling will frame their best features and, compliment their lifestyle. Everyone has best features! Personality traits need to be recognized & considered as an intricate part of their face! I have learned a part of this understanding from my first mentor (Mr. Frank Molinari) who owned the Hair Styling School I’ve attended. I have learned the basic fundamentals of facial shapes thnx to Mr. Frank who imbedded onto us (at Capri School in Spring Valley, NY) at that time. My second mentor was Nahid who in 1979 hired & took me under her wing at Bendels. Nahid previously owned 3 successful Hair Salons in Tehran, Iran (the Shah’s family, one of her many aristocratic clients.) She also pointed out the importance of facial shapes and, another observation that is greatly overlooked… facial character! This “Grayish” observation takes time to understand and to develop. Choosing the right hair style, will help to introduce greater life to your most vibrant features!

Most people today do not have time to spend on their hair. so the hair cut technique is most important too for their styling needs! The cut should and will fall into place effortlessly on parr with low maintenance. If you’d like to add a little dazzle to your hair, there is a hair product that will compliment your needs too!

The Editor’s View: The Right Hair Cut & Style for a new season Will help you to look and feel more attractively vibrant as a woman and dashing & younger as a man! Feeling youthful is a confidence booster for the right reasons!

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