The Right Haircut Will Slenderize A Full Neckline

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: The Right Haircut Will Slenderize a Full Neckline

If you or someone you know is unhappy with a round face-heavy neckline, I have a couple of solutions and, will not require surgery intervention. Hair can be designed to frame your best features and will minimize areas you’re not crazy about. Let’s take as an example one’s neckline. If it’s on the heavy side, here’s an elegant solution. Let’s create some height & softness on the top of the head (this will vertically lengthen ones face and neck too.) The next step to cut soft & jagged layers into the cheeks to provide angular shadows that will squarely lengthen some of the roundness away from the face and the back neckline too. Another approach is a “Bob” or blunt cut, this concept is to create straight or angled lines that will remove weight from the right places to complement the eyes and cheekbones (our best assets)! The perimeter lengths may cut just above the shoulders or even shorter to slenderize the neckline. Straight or angled lines are keys for the fringe/bangs. The fringe will add focus to ones cheekbones & eyes to offset heaviness. You will love the positive effects the Right Hair Cut will accomplish for your self-esteem.

Editor’s view: Anyone can experiment by using make-up like touching up some shadow to your cheek bones or to try on a wig with bangs/fringe and with the fringe that is cut well to introduce cheekbones and when they’re cut well you will see your face framed and you’re looking fantastic! And you may add some layering etched into your cheeks that will narrow and add greater angles and highlight your best features. Lot’s of fun opportunities when your hairs are cut right and make-up is not the only options to complement your features!

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