Tips Styling Your New Pixie Cut

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Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: A Curly Shag

This Weeks Topic: Monday March: Tips Styling Your Pixie Cut

Keep Bangs Soft for a Sweeping finish, begin using a small round brush when the hair is 50 – 60 percent dry. Or for a

more interesting & progressive trend, cut your fringe choppy to piece-mill. These two styles will minimize a square jaw, make a short cut look less severe and will complement your eyes! If your bangs/fringe are cut short. They can be shaped with a shallow point cutting technique for greater softness for that precise jagged line, this shaping will enhance the eyes and cheekbones!

Stay tuned to next week’s topic Monday: Part 2: Tips Styling Your Pixie Cut

When you feel greater confidence styling your Pixie Cut by practicing this easy method, your hair will look fantastic! And you Will feel great knowing you can style your hair just like breaking in a fabulous pair of shoes!

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