Today’s Long Shag can be Worn Professionally or to Rock After Hours | September 27th 2021

This Weeks : Fred Stepkin Monday Blog September 27th 2021: Today’s Long Shag can be Worn Professionally or to Rock After Hours
The original version of a Shag was created with an intent purpose to be radically off the beaten path of a norm back in the mid 1960s. Of course musical groups from Great Britain fashioned rebellious hair styles and giving creed to a radical band known as The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards & Mick Jagger were the bad boys of Rock whom always rode against a general wave, hair-ware shags was at the time their trademark.
Recent History: A couple of year ago I have retooled & reshaped the Shag and it was fun to create greater fluidity and complemented with a series of uneven spiked layers! The longer version that I’ve sheared above is highly textured with the points of my shears. I have implemented a variety of layering techniques to command movement & body and it is versatility for professionals to wear for code in a corporate setting. My tip would be to utilize drop or two of pomade applied while the hair is damp to wet, comb through lightly tussle with your fingers and let dry for your day you may gather your hair into a coif like a chignon for a highly regarded appeal!
Editor’s view: I love to shape & texture The Shag because it takes on it’s own style due to different growth patterns everyone has similar in a way to finger prints. This is how each cut  converts to the wearer’s identity.
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