Why A Razor Cut?

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This Weeks Subject: Monday: Why A Razor Cut?

Razor hair cutting has been popular and fashionable since the 1920’s & 1930s (https://www.1920-30.com/publications/hairstyles/). Dating back to the “Gibson Girl” look was a high-fashion statement during World War 1. The razor cuts then helped to enhance a hand manipulated style, coiffed with a tail-comb held in place with hairpins and can hold it’s setting movement for up to a week or longer!

Fast-forward to current trends in razor shaping and showing less in hair setting styles. Comfort-wise less itching of the scalp, haircuts that are beautifully feminine that were introduced in France many decades ago. The biggest advantage with today’s straight edge razor cutting is versatility of the texturing technique that allows styling options. For an exquisite night out say at Lincoln Center too Birdland, your look will accommodate an eventful night on the town!

This is why a razor, when utilized correctly & artistically will etch and define flowing lines of movement on many categories of textured hairs. You may like to consult with your hair stylist.

The Editor’s Vies: You will look and feel younger when your hair is razored or cut into with scissors for that fresh & light carefree style. Designed with soft inner lines and decadent outer shapes, these cuts will bring out the best in everyones features & lifestyles. Call today and schedule your appointment for the best Women’s hair cut in Hell’s Kitchen

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