Why A Razor Cut?

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This Weeks Subject: Monday: Why A Razor Cut?

Razor hair cutting has been popular and fashionable for almost 300 years. Dating back to the “Gibson Girl” look was a high-fashion statement during World War 1. The razor cuts then helped to enhance a hand manipulated style that would hold it’s setting movement for a long & lasting manner between shampoos!

Fast-forwarding with current trends… we’re showing less complicated hair styling and comfort-wise much less scalp scratching tendencies! The biggest advantage with today’s razor-hair-shaping is the versatility the texturing will allow the same hair cut many styling options! For an exquisite night out at Lincoln Center to with certainty an alternative night with a more progressive edge!

This is why a razor when articulated rightly will enhance many types of textured hairs, for example thick, course wavy and straight hairs. If you have yet to experience the fun & edgy lines sliced with a razor, consult with your stylist if this is right for you.

The Editor’s View: You will look and feel younger when your hair is razored or sliced with the inner blades or point cut with the tips of scissors for a new & light carefree shape. Designed with soft inner lines and decadent outer shapes!

These cuts will bring out the best for everyones features due to soft & new geometric shapes & freeing up movement for your hairs.

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