3 Easy Hair Styles to Maintain

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This Weeks Subject: Monday: 3 Easy Hair Styles to Maintain

A new season is almost upon us. Brand new styles for hair are inspired with the latest in high-tech clothing fabrics as the Summer wanes & Autumn begins. Three weeks ago our topic regarded introducing an up-do or enjoying the benefits of maintaining a short hair cut. If you have longish hair there is a great opportunity to introduce a Chignon or a French Twist as your new style this coming season. You will only need barbie & hair pins to support either of these fabulous styles. They’re easy to pull off and stunning for professional or attending a party.

A 2nd styling option for your hair, blow-style. LIsten up, please consider the positives styling with a hair blower. If you have curly – wavy hair, all you’ll need is a round brush and depending on your hair lengths you will select the right diameter round brush, ball-park 2 – 3″ then apply a small amount of Brilliant Damage Control by Aveda onto your freshly washed hair for styling and protection from heat & brushing. Let your hair dry for about 15 minutes when your hair is about 50% dry or wet then proceed to blow-style your hair. It is easy to blow dry especially when your technique kicks in after a little practice! Spin the brush without tugging or stressing your hair. The round brush when used properly is a wonderful tool and it will not damage your hair nearly as much as when your hair a tiny bit of coconut oil and you allow the brush to pass through your hair. Spin the brush so the bristles freely pass through your hairs and in the direction you wish it to go. Easy to learn, start blow-styling your bangs/fringe because it is not a lot of hair & less intimidating (then styling all of your hair when you’re up for it) while learning how to manage a small portion of your hair or bangs, you can spin the brush vertically onto your bangs either left or right motion depending on which side you’d prefer you bangs to sweep towards. And; You may only need to style your fringe, the rest of your technique will arrive with practice.

The 3rd easy style. If your hair is razored long or short, adding some humectant from Aveda will add more definition, shine and greater control (not nearly as fly-away) especially if your hair is thin and or straight. If you have curly, wavy or course hair textures applying sparingly will polish dry looking hair and soften it too. When you apply, always use a stingy amount. One of the best ways is to apply a minuscule portion onto the palms of your damp hands lightly pad onto your hairs. Do not be afraid, the worse scenario is your hair may get too greasy. No big deal, you will apply a more workable amount the next time. It takes very little practice to learn how to style your hair. I applaud you for your effort and you will get better and better in short time : )

Another benefit to styling your own hair is that you’ll get to know your hair cut & enjoy it even more!

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