Multi Dimensional Scissor Slicing by Fred Stepkin

Fine Asian Hairs

multi dimensional scissor slicing

haircut styles in new york city

Graduated Bob

with razor slicing perimeter

Transient Textured Top with Scissored Tips by Fred Stepkin

Barbered Crop

Transient Textured Top with scissored chipped hair ends

best haircut in new york city

Tribeca Mix

Long sculpted layers articulated with etched lines to frame her best features

best nyc hair salon

Angled Bob Undercut

slicing & channeling techniques

best haircuts in new york city

Multi-Textured Grown Out Feel

Scissor channeling fun

Freestyle Shag

Sliced layers with scissors

Curly Shoulder Chopped Shag

Layered and textured with scissors

Long angled layers

With texturing executed by scissor tips

The New Shag Haircut

Trendy & fun

Razored Bob

Undercut bob textured with razor tipping and finished with point cutting

sliced undercut bob

Sliced Undercut Bob

Undercut bob textured with scissor slicing

Pixie Wave

Inverted layers at parting and sliced at 90 degrees

Disheveled Layers

90 degree scissor cut with point cutting, channel cutting and a slight degree of undercutting

Long Playful Layers

90 degree point cut layering with slide cutting front layers

Pixie Chop

Sides and back are razored, fringe is point cut and sliced into

Transient Length

Fun & sexy style that is adaptable

Layered Textured Bob

For fun, styling, or power-drying


This cut has focus & is complimented with textured layers

Long textured layers

Sweeping fringe to frame eyes and face shape

Long Layers

Sexy cut with movement to make cheekbones stand out

Pixie Chop

Soft & feminine with texture and dynamic style

Long round textured layers

Maximize movement with a soft, feminine appeal

Pixie Haircut

This cut is great for round features and making cheekbones pop

Long Textured Bob

Square fringe will bring out your eyes and enhance your cheekbones. Textured layers soften features

Razored bob

This cut is excellent for straight hair with a tapered line

Short Shag

Timeless cut that mirrors head shape with highly textured layers

Textured crop

Masculine shape with a textured interior

Modern A-Frame

This cut is not severe, which makes the shape modern with movement

Textured bob with round fringe

This is an undercut version finished with point cutting

Long Pixie Layers

Contemporary & versatile look with razored texture and long layers

Pixie Haircut

Enhances your cheekbones, frame your eyes, and sharpen your features

Men’s Texture

An adaptable cut that is classic with details and shape

Short Pixie

Tipped and point cut with scissors to give softness and movement

Zero – Inverted Layers

Inversion with top layers assorted with sliced layers for greater movement

Sliced Layered Bob

90 degree layers overdirected to the crown

Long Disheveled Layering

Undercut sliced and point cut

Short Bob Razored

Terminally tipped

Short Men’s Crop

With 90 degree layering

high quality haircuts nyc

Long Transient

Sliced layers

haircuts in new york

Sliced & Channeled

Bob layering

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