A Beautiful One-Length Shoulder Cut

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This Weeks Subject: Monday: A Beautiful One-Length Shoulder Cut

Versatility is the most important asset for all fashionistas this season. Especially when your hair is long enough for up-dos, chignons, and insert different hair ornament each day like combs or barrettes. They’re easy to use and find at Macy’s or Ricki’s. They are easy to apply onto your hair and if you’re not sure you can either google or ask a sales clerk at either of the aforementioned stores. If you need to tie your hair, use a decorative band as an option (please no rubber-bands). So for each professional day at work you have more options with your long hair to wear up, down & natural, or blow-styled for a more finished appeal! Enjoying daily change for your hair will compliment your unpredictability and will attract good & fun vibes from onlookers of your prep work..

Editor’s view: A One-Length Shoulder Cut for the new season Will give you many styling options to keep you and your hair fresh each and everyday.

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