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This Weeks Topic: Monday : A Great Hair Cut Will Do For You

A new season will be upon us real soon and now may be the time to prepare so we can deliver a fresh start on the coming season. Change is good for any business, personal relationships too. These seasonal changes may inspire opportunities to meet new colleagues. A new or fresh beginning is the catalyst for change. This fresh approach will increase growth, will inspire new ideas and it’ll work with colleagues and may inspire lasting impressions personally & professionally. You probably know where I’m going with this. Fashion statements and how we effectively combine our clothes, shoe wear and hairstyle. Coordinating from top – bottom. Your entire look is smart and in unison. Today’s fashions are flowing with clean lines, patterns and that are soft and cottony. Your new hair style must work must in a unison manner. Clean, soft, clean and edgy haircut for that sophisticated

Parisian style. With product you’re going for a tighter and more finished look. With zero product a soft, tapered and natural look. So it’s important that your sides, nape & back are cut with soft layers that will flow in direction to your top layers for ladies & gentlemen

Now is the time to prepare ourselves for the New Season with a Great Hair Style that will compliment our fashion statement and visa versa for best results!

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