A Men’s Sharp Haircut!

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This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog November 20th 2023 A Men’s Sharp Haircut!  – Fred Stepkin Cutting-Edge Hair Design is located vicinity of Columbus Circle & Times Square, 300 West 55th Street. Haircuts for Femme’s, Gentlemen and all ages, specialty cutting-edge hair designs.
Recent History: Monday Blog November 20th 2023 A Men’s Sharp Haircut! – Our Model’s hair was designed & cut at my hair studio in Hells Kitchen, a short walk from Columbus Circle or Times Square. I cut and textured our model’s hair with a straight-edge razor and the tips of scissors to achieve our high-end hairstyle. Our model’s hair shape inspired me to complement his features and his lifestyle. The aforementioned are key elements for a successful hair cut and to establish a cutting shape that best accentuates our model’s features! I service professional ladies, and our Youths. For the finish you see above I had applied a tiny application of pomade onto my finger tips onto our model’s damp hair, combed through lightly then finger-place his hair for our fashionable presentation! Feel free to email for any tips, styling questions or to set your appointment. My hair studio is in Hells~Kitchen at a doorman building on west-side of Eighth Avenue between 54th & 55th Streets. fredstepkin.com or fredstepkin@gmail.com call for your FREE Hair consultation today!
Editor’s view: Our model’s cut/style can be easily reproduced with notes I take always for every design I create. Style can be altered if need be for preferred results!
Call for Your FREE Hair consultation today!  212 757 1119  you may also visit  fredstepkin.com or fredstepkin@gmail.com
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300 W 55th St.
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Phone: 212 757 1119

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Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

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Fee: Women, Men, Children $80