Benefits You’ll Receive Enjoying A Variety Of Raw Nuts

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Benefits You’ll Receive Enjoying A Variety Of Raw Nuts

Many of us are trying to grow our hair out into another style, but our hair may not be growing to it’s potential fast enough. What do we need to pay more attention towards and how can we help this process? The best and the most direct way is to pay more attention to the foods we’re eating. Below are some of the best foods are below that are easiest to eat, delicious, loaded with massive benefits, and they take no-time to prepare!

Raw nuts & seeds will support you and your hair with a ton of benefits, including proper levels of vitamin E in your daily diet, will ensure that the scalp and hair roots receive a rich supply of this hair-healthy vitamin. When the scalp and roots are nourished with vitamin E the hair may grow to it’s maximum growth potential. Some nuts such as almonds and pine nuts are a great source of vitamin E! Although not a nut, sunflower seeds too provide a wonderful source of vitamin E!

Even though nuts are a great hair-healthy option, they do contain a lot of fat. Even though these fats are high in (heart healthy) HDL’s… these wonderful nutrients are calorically high. Nuts work fabulously as a substitute for eating unhealthy saturated fats. However avoid overeating these hair-healthy options. Nuts should always be used in moderation and as a substitute for meats, eggs and dairy products.

Instead of eating unhealthy saturated fats, try substituting a hand full of nuts. According to the Food and Drug Administration, eating a hand full (1.5 ounces or 42.5 grams) a day of most nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts are all good for your overall health. They’re also great for your hair!

I have found that “raw nuts” offer some of the best in dietary results!

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