Considerations Choosing a Short Haircut

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Considerations Choosing a Short Hair Cut

While you’re enjoying wearing your short hair, there are things about it that aren’t so convenient. You may miss your pony tail on occasion, or pulling your hair up for a formal event. Long hair is certainly “prettier” in many people’s opinions, and a lot of men tend to find long hair more attractive than short hair. There’s a level of femininity about long hair that can often feel lost in a shorter haircut. A level of confidence is required when you decide to wear your hair short, that’s for sure. Or it is a confidence booster because it’ll bring out your very best features including your girlish figure.

Maintenance can also be a downside to keeping a short haircut. Short hair appears to grow out faster, requiring more visits to the salon for more frequent haircuts.

The long and the short of it… if you’re considering a short haircut, but stop short thinking that you’d never face, every lifestyle, and every woman out there. Browse through photos, look around, discover what you like and find a stylist that will work with you to get the right cut. Then enjoy all the extra time you have and have fun making your short hair as feminine or edgy as you’d want it to be. Always remember, it’s just hair. It will grow out.

One of the greatest benefits of beautifully short cut hair is a stronger sense of femininity. A beautiful short hair cut on a woman will allow and show her best features! A huge perk is that her time for styling will be spent efficiently!

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