Fred Stepkin Monday Blog January 24th 2022 : A Hells Kitchen Wedge Hair Cut

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog January 17th 2022 : NYC Model Haircuts Designed in Hells Kitchen 
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog January 24th 2022 : A Hells Kitchen Wedge Hair Cut – The Wedge Haircut starting behind one’s head or radial region stacking longer layers that will support the wedge shape as it continues this movement to her sides that will lift her features to present deserving attention for her eyes & cheekbones!
Recent History: This model’s haircut is shaped & cut at my private studio utilizing the tips of my shears along with a straight edge razor to shape a series of uneven chunky layering for a well balanced presentation that exudes fun movement and futuristic appeal. I’m located in a doorman building on Eighth Avenue off the corner of 55th Street. Call below or email at or for your FREE private consultation.
Editor’s view: Haircuts that I shape have choppy textured layering to support my design of cutting edge, retro and or classic haircuts, all shaped to present a brand new style.
Call for Your FREE Hair consultation today 212 757 1119!
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