Hair Cuts for School Age Youths in NYC !

May you have enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog March 28th 2022 : High Quality ~ Great Haircuts in Hells Kitchen NYC 
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog April 4th 2022 : Hair Cuts for School Age Youths in NYC ! Younger people are super conscience of today’s clothing & hair styles, both are highly ranked on what influences a youth’s confidence. I recall when I was in HS how a good cut transformed my confidence. More so for me as a good haircut did wonders for me!
Recent History: The haircut you see is shaped exclusively with scissors in a series of uneven yet balanced layers to enhance movement, introduce softness with this jagged design, contributing to this modern appeal.
Editor’s view: I listen with concern the needs of my clients during our consultation then executing a well crafted design for their personal needs. This is why communicating is a building block for the client to receive the highest in quality for a great and personalized haircut that you will be happy wearing.
Call for Your FREE Hair consultation today!  212 757 1119 or you may visit or to arrange an appointment.
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“Brand New Haircuts for Everyone in Hells Kitchen NYC”
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