Hair Types That Benefit From Razor Cuts

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Yourself Before Your Next Haircut

This Weeks Report: Monday: Hair Types That Benefit From Razor Cuts

If you have fine hair, a razor may not be your best bet, more so if it’s wavy or curly. Razor cuts tend to make hair look flyaway – even frizzy in the case of wavy and curly strands. Long layers work better in those cases.

Thicker hair handles the technique well and performs better. Straight hair tends to look polished and interesting rather than boring as it can with traditional blunt cuts. As long as you’re not someone’s hair experiment, your hair will, in most cases, look fine post-razor cut by a skilled professional. If you’d been wishing for curls, take a razor cut as an opportunity to be thankful for your naturally straight hair.

If you have long straight or some wave to your hair, you can razor cut completely for the right texture. Otherwise, even the thickest, straightest hair will look unkempt. Think of the razor cut as a belt or a pair of earrings – part of the look but not the actual ensemble.

Editor’s view: A skilled hair stylists will know what hair types work with a razor and the hair types to avoid utilizing a razor.

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