Monday Blog December 6th 2021: Enjoy A Fun Haircut in Hells Kitchen

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This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog December 6th 2021: Enjoy A Fun Haircut in Hells Kitchen
Recent History: Many of Hell’s Kitchen residents & businesses today reminisce of our past history. Our neighborhood was ruled bye an Irish Mob The Westies. This group eventually disintegrated during the late 80s early 90s due to federal and state prosecutions. It’s surviving members are either in prison or have retired from criminal life. Yet I can still identify some edgy remnants from that time period and I lived here mostly during their reign. The reason I am paying creed living through a lifestyle my wife matured in that we called our neighborhood home and we had no troubles living here. I have since manifested this vibe as a prominent contributor in my hairstyling today!
Editor’s view: A vast part of my hair shaping is inspired by our association living in Hells Kitchen. I am pleased to share my collection with you. Thank you for your interest!
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