Part 2 Natural Hair Treatment for Gorgeous Strands

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Part 2 Natural Hair Treatment for Gorgeous Strands

Overnight Sensation

For curly, damaged, or color-treated hair, it’s best to shampoo as little as possible (once or twice a week if you can) because traditional shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils. Before you do shampoo, we recommend this overnight coconut oil treatment, also known as a “pre-poo.”

Coconut oil is solid at room temperatures, but liquefies immediately with heat, so scoop a small amount out of your jar and it will melt instantly between your fingers, making it easy to apply.

If you suffer from a dry, itchy or flaky scalp, start by using the pads of your fingers to apply the oil to your whole scalp, massaging gently so the scalp can really absorb the coconut oil.

Then, apply the oil to your hair section by section. This really depends on your hair, if you have fine hair then avoid the roots, but for thick or coily hair, apply the oil evenly to the length of the strand.

Then wrap your hair in an old t-shirt (it can be messy if you go to bed uncovered) and go to sleep. To intensify the treatment and get even better results, you can apply heat with a warm towel or your blow dryer. The next morning, shampoo, condition and style your hair as usual!

One shampoo is enough for most curly hair, but if you feel you need it, you can shampoo a second time.

Style & Seal

Coconut oil also makes a healthy, all-natural hair sealer for extra shine and to prevent frizz. If you’re trying to grow longer, thicker hair, coconut oil aids in breakage prevention and retaining moisture.

Apply a nickel-sized amount as the very last step in your styling routine, after any leave-in conditioners or gels you might use. Again if you have fine hair, avoid the roots and focus on the ends.

If you’ve yet to try coconut oil on your strands, pick some up next time you’re at the grocery (unrefined and cold pressed is best). Your curls will thank you for the extra shine and curl definition!

Editor’s Note: You will feel and your friends will see the difference applying Mother Nature’s elixirs to your hair. To further enhance the benefits I have enclosed a beautiful picture above of foods to dine on nutritionally, for healthier hair, skin, eyes and an overall feeling of well-being.

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