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A premier Hair Cutting Salon Newyork and Professional Fitness Trainer, certified with ACE American Council of Exercise since 1994. Fred’s mission is to help his clients to look and feel their best and most importantly exercising in a safe manner! Fred’s passion as a professional fitness trainer is not only to keep himself in shape, but to help anyone to achieve their fitness goals utilizing excellent form for muscle toning gains and strengthening your entire body effectively. Fredstepkin, known as the best haircut places Newyork also follows a delicious and nutritionally balanced diet that he loves and shares for exercise endurance, faster recovery times between workouts and to help sleep soundly. With his knowledge and well researched information he looks to improve his clients health and well being. The power exercise program that he’s discovered and teaches, is in itself fun, challenging and the way he instructs Fred will patiently teach, so you will enjoy the wonderful benefits of exercising with correct form.

This can be achieved in your own home. Fred’s routines are short in duration, usually no more than thirty minutes per session, 3Xs per week. Maximum results will be achieved this way! Some of the early benefits received are a more positive approach to life, reduction of depression and stress, increased strength, and lean body-mass. At the same time a more defined shape will be apparent as your body transitions increasing your fat burning cells! Your “back” will significantly improve with newly developed muscle tone and easier flexibility. Additionally, Fredstepkin is a top hair cutting salon Newyork and appreciated by most the customers who visited our salon and taken the services of haircut.

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300 W 55th St.
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Fee: Women, Men, Children $80