The Best Styling Choice for Your Hair, Wax or Pomade?

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I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: How to Apply Pomade for That Summer Look

This Weeks Topic: Monday: The Best Styling Choice for Your Hair, Wax or Pomade?

Conventionally speaking, either of the following choices Pomade or Hair Wax support styles that are different and yet easy to apply and to have fun with! Either styling selection will impact a good haircut and in a hip and kool presentation. Let’s get started with hair wax. Wax will increase greater texture/shaping and or volume to your hairstyle. I find it best to use applying a small dimple onto your fingertips. This will allow the product to soften for greater pliability. If you’re looking for volume & greater lift for a traditional look after blow-drying, curling iron or roller-setting, work your waxed-fingertips lightly through your hair with a little scrunching then sculpt so your hairs are lightly coated onto your hair with a smooth piece-like manner. The goal will be to have a smoother finish with sculpted movement. For a more progressive style you may apply this same technique plus, add some root twisting to create more space (between layers) and separation to demonstrate a more artistic edge!

Pomade is a totally fresh & cool concept. The antithesis to “wax” being that it will add greater shine “in a 1 – 5 and five being the highest mark in shine” pomade is a 5! This is a fantastic product for a warm climate. My favorite way to apply this product is with freshly shampooed hair, leave damp and use a minute’ amount in a lightly applied way utilizing your fingertips then comb through with a large toothed comb. You may apply this product onto one-length styles, curly, wavy, short or long and achieve that “pattern leather look” breezy style! Only one rule with applying wax or pomade… have a blast! Remember to use very little of any product you choose. You will know to add a bit more if need be.

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